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Q、Do you have non-smoking rooms?

A.Our guesthouse is all non-smoking.You cannot smoke anywhere inside the building.

If you want to smoke, please use smoking area outside.


Q、I want to use car parking.

A.We have free parking.If you want to use car parking, please let us know in advance.

Q,Is credit card available?

A。Yes.We accept Visa,Mastercard,American Express,JCB etc.

Paypay and alipay is also available.

Q,Do you have security box? 

A、We have security locker in mix dormitory.


Q,Can I keep luggage before check-in?

A.Yes.If you want to keep your luggage before check-in,please let us know in advance.


Q、What is the cancellation policy like?

The arrival day/one day before arrival day・・・100%

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